The Freedom Bandwagon

Our world is moving towards a form of freedom where you can almost get away with anything.

The kind of freedom that allows ignorant people to make decisions without having necessary knowledge about the consequences of their choices. Some people do, however. But the thing about making your own individual decisions is that you might justify your choice by unintentionally overlooking certain things about yourself in order to prove (to yourself and everyone who questions you) that you are making the right decision; things that only other people can see in you. And also ignoring things that can have an impact on the larger population. You don’t see the bigger picture, oftentimes you are only looking at yourself through a tiny whole of self awareness.

People make decisions about drastic face surgeries instead of going to a therapist to deal with the real issue and nobody has the courage to tell them otherwise because we all work under the assumption that everybody is fully capable of making sane decisions. They are allowed to do whatever they want with themselves, God forbid we try to find out what led someone to this point, are they harboring some deep upsetting feelings from childhood? Is this their coping mechanism? If it is, what are they coping against? Everyone needs understanding from those around them, they need support and  happiness in their life. But by avoiding the pricky ‘Why?’ questions , are we giving them freedom to pursue happiness or freedom to pursue unhealthy coping mechanisms to haunting experiences from the past?

Then there’s the thing about ‘Assisted Suicides’. What is essentially happening here is you are asking someone to painlessly kill you because you want to kill yourself but can’t do it on your own. Can the state, the community, or the institute that holds these ‘approved murders’ at least offer them a period of free psychological help? So that after the aforementioned parties have made sure there is absolutely nothing they can do to help, only then can the person be allowed to carry on with their decision to kill themself?

What about religion? It is affecting the whole world, directly or indirectly. Fanatics commit crimes, people from one religion judge those from another. All this unabating  hate and confusion yet we still don’t try to talk about it with eachother. We assume everyone has reached their decision after gaining complete knowledge about their respective religions. We don’t question the path they took, we only judge the destination it led them to. Can’t we let our children read the basic and original texts of all major religions so they can have the power to analyze the current scenario themselves, they can know where a fanatic went off-track, they can make up their own mind instead of blindly following popular opinions?

Freedom is still far better than tyrannical rules and dictatorships where only one person can make decisions between right and wrong for you. We can’t give the reins of our life to someone else, especially if it is someone we don’t entirely trust. But then again, why is it not okay to make sure someone with no hands gets some help in holding his reins? Maybe make them some prosthetic limbs so they have the ability to hold their own reins.


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